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We make it easy for players to access and learn about the different game features and variations available, and also to easily find and play the games that interest them. Additionally, the casino could also offer information about the features and variations within the live casino lobby.

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A card game with a goal of 21 or closest.

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A card game played with 2 hands, a player or a banker.

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Live casino bonuses and promotions refer to various incentives offered by online casinos to encourage players to try their live casino games. These can include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and loyalty programs, among others. These bonuses and promotions can help players to increase their chances of winning and also to enjoy more playing time on the live casino games.

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Roulette Advanced Strategies: Predictive Play

Predictive play is the sum of all the strategies presented so far and a set of additional details to pay special attention to when playing. The predictive play takes into account the various mechanical factors that can occur during the throwing of the ball, making it complementary to the study of the dealer’s hand, and also the subtle mechanical deviations that can occur during the spinning of the wheel. This complex strategy combines the study of the movement of the ball and that of the wheel and is called visual ballistics.

Rather than focusing solely on the winning sectors, the predictive game also looks at the least likely sectors, where the ball tends not to stop, due to either the dealer’s hand or the condition of the wheel. Therefore, it is up to the player to identify what bets to make and how to modify them from time to time based on the specific aspects and details of the game that can be deciphered during a match. The more games you watch both at home and live, the better your chances are of figuring out the mysteries of roulette.

Other advanced strategies

Roulette techniques don’t necessarily focus on mechanical factors – there are also some tactics dedicated to using statistical-based repeating patterns. Which are:

• The pivot strategy: this strategy consists of choosing a number to bet on and continuing to bet on it until its third exit (or at most during 36 bets), always keeping the bet at a fixed figure. The law that inspired this method is known as the third party law and is based on the fact that there is cyclicality in the occurrence of numbers during play. Obviously, it is not foreseeable to know if thanks to this strategy, it will be possible to win at roulette, but it is worth trying, especially if you have a lucky number that you especially like.
• The Biloxi system: The strong point of this strategy is that it leaves very little to chance, but it is essential to have a large number of chips available. It fits well in American roulette, but it can also work well in French roulette. Basically, it consists of covering 32 of 38 numbers: each winning game can theoretically pay off the losing games if you are lucky, and can also win more chips.

Questions and answers about advanced strategies

Play roulette, regardless of whether the French roulette, the European roulette or American Roulette, is an art: it is not necessary to be an expert to benefit from it, but the more you train you, the better the results, especially when it comes to advanced and complex strategies, full of details. Here are the answers to the most common questions on this topic.

What is the safest advanced strategy?

At this level of the game, when all roulette rules and components are clear, advanced strategies may need extra attention to have a better chance of winning at roulette. Therefore, it is good to choose the strategy that you master best to continue to monitor your progress!

Does the Biloxi system guarantee victory?

Betting on many numbers does not guarantee victory: the chances are certainly increased, but in addition to the rules of roulette itself, we must always consider that luck is an essential element of this game and, as such, difficult to predict. In the same game, the same or close hands can appear over and over again, leaving the outcome of the game to fate once again.

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